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MAJO Exterior Remodeling

MAJO Exterior Remodeling

MAJO Exterior Remodeling


MAJO Exterior Remodeling has been operating in Houston, Texas for 19 years.

Marco Jimenez, the owner, has 19 years of experience. His process is based on experiencing exterior remodeling from all angles-starting as a laborer, moving to foreman, becoming a subcontractor and today as an owner. The most common problems we see are due to shortcuts during original construction.

For the last several years, we have dedicated most of our business to repairing or replacing stucco. We understand the frustration homeowners feel when they realize they have a stucco problem. They are often confused about what to do. Our approach is to educate homeowners about their stucco problems so they can make informed decisions.

The purpose of this site is to help owners understand that stucco is a great product, but one that, in many cases, has been installed incorrectly. You may have heard the negative buzz in the home buying market about EIFS stucco. That same buzz exists, in a positive sense, about new hard-coat systems. Hard-coat can be the answer to current stucco problems, but it must be done correctly. If done incorrectly, it has as much potential for problems as EIFS stucco.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about stucco systems. Making important decisions about your home can be difficult. We-ve been through this process with many homeowners like you and can provide several references to help your decision. Pease give us a call with any questions.

We will be happy to provide you with information, and recommendations, for all your remedial construction needs.


Client satisfaction is our top priority. We will recommend the best options for your project. You can enjoy the high-quality results of MAJO-s lengthy experience and expertise.


To be the best option for homeowners, delivering the best quality in each project.


At MAJO Exterior Remodeling our top priority is to fully satisfy our costumersí needs in every project. Our approach to reach this goal is:

1). Respectfully listen to our costumer-s ideas.

2). Provide an honest estimate without including unnecessary work or repairs.

3). Use the best-quality material in every project.

4). Having a constant communication with the homeowner though out and after the project.


MAJO Exterior Remodeling


It is common for homeowners with balconies to have water leaking problems. These problems can come from a variety of issues. We are good at diagnosing the problem and applying the best solution. MAJO Exterior Remodeling uses a superior water proofing system for better water drainage. Some common drainage problems can be corrected by installing kick-out flashing, increasing the balcony slope and/or using our three-part floor coating to waterproof and provide an artistic finish.

MAJO Exterior Remodeling


Most of the houses around Houston have beautiful chimneys that can be seen from far away. However, you must inspect the chimney up close to predict potential problems. One of the problems we see with chimneys is that the metal cap was improperly installed. If it does not cover all the stucco, water can get in and rot the underlying wood. Another problem is the roof flashing is not allowing water to drain away from the stucco. Sometimes we see that the stucco was installed flush to the roofline and does not leave any space to let the water drain. Lastly, caulking degrades rapidly if high-quality stucco specific caulk is not used.

MAJO Exterior Remodeling


Stucco, whether it be traditional or synthetic EIFS, is attractive and durable product. However, it needs to be maintained. We offer an annual stucco maintenance service. We inspect your stucco or EFIS and correct small problems before moisture enters your stucco and creates big problems.

MAJO Exterior Remodeling


MAJO exterior remodeling has been repairing Stucco/EFIS for over 15 years. Our focus is to improve the stucco system by waterproofing the wall sheathing. Our approach is solid in that we start with a lath stucco system and then apply three layers of stucco coating. We deal with all type of stucco problems from small cosmetic stucco crack repair to major stucco failure problems.

Why Choose Us

Individual Personalization and Professional Results

MAJO Exterior Remodeling is an "independent" with a highly professional image. We have a proficient and qualified staff, with a large inventory of specialty tools and equipment. It is our intention to be the last phone call that you as a builder or homeowner will make, as you look for solutions to post-construction problems.

MAJO Exterior Remodeling


MAJO Exterior Remodeling

Have one of our trained experts come to your home or place of business, and give you a bid to repair or replace your existing stucco system. Contact us for more information.

Letís get in touch and talk about your next project.